This page shows all on-going research projects of the institute. Please click on the project title to get more information on the single projects. Detailed information on projects and publications is available in the research database  .

AO car

Autonomous, optimal vehicle navigation and control in the vehicle-passenger area for urban areas


Dynamic testbed for secure open service navigation


Research and study projects for innovations in the Galileo GNSS system

Ghosthunter II

Detection of ghost drives on motorways

IRASSI II - phase 2

Relative swarm navigation for observing planet formation using interferometry


Demonstration of the advantages of the Galileo PRS service compared to open GNSS services on the basis of application-oriented tests


Integration of authentication properties in open satellite navigation signals


Completed projects

RAMBO "Real-Time-Kinematic" positioning on the mobile phone
IRASSI 2-I Infrared Astronomy Satellite Swarm Interferometry - Phase I.
ADVISE Advanced Signal-In-Space Techniques
e-KnoT EGNSS Knowledge Triangle
Galileo IV Contribution to the development of the European satellite navigation system
Galileo V  Contribution to the development of the European satellite navigation system
Ghosthunter Telematics system against wrong-way drivers with the help of GNSS
ICONS Innovative Concept for Navigation Signal in Space
IRASSI Infrared astronomy satellite swarm interferometry
KaNaRiA Cognition-based, autonomous navigation using the example of resource depletion in space
NavEn Navigation system on Enceladus
DATES Interference Mitigation Based on Novel Signal Processing Cancelation and RF Front End