Galileo V - Entwicklungsbeiträge zum Europäischen Satellitennavigationssystem

In the project „ Entwicklungsbeiträge zum Europäischen Satellitennavigationssystem“ (Galileo V) our institute actively contributes technically to several working groups of the European Commission (EC). Our EC working groups are “Compatibility, Signals and Interoperability” (CSI), “Commercial Service” (CS) and “EGNSS Evolution” (EE).

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur – BMVI) nominated Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernd Eissfeller  to represent Germany in the working groups to support the EC with the development of the global satellite navigation (GNSS) project “Galileo” and to preserve at the same time the German interests.


  • WG CSI is a technical working group covering compatibility and interoperability of Galileo with other GNSS and also RF interference of Galileo with any other system. Further the optimization of existing signals as well as the design of future signals is covered by the working group
  • WG CS is defining the commercial service with its signals for high accuracy and authentication.
  • WG EE is working on the general mission design for the next generation of EGNOS and Galileo.


“Galileo V“ is a follow-on project founded by the DLR/BMWi from January 2017 until December 2019. The initial project started in the year 2005.


Contact: Elias Gkougkas, Dominik Dötterböck, Thomas Kraus
Funded by: DLR/BMWi (FKZ: 50 NA 1701)
Duration: Since January 2017 (initially since 2005)