IRASSI 2 – Infrared Astronomy Satellite Swarm Interferometry / Part 2IRASSI_logo_noFrame.png

The second part of IRASSI ties in with the IRASSI 1. While IRASSI 1 employed on the determination of the absolute position of the swarm, IRASSI 2 focuses on the relative positioning of the swarm members among themselves.

The goal of the project section is to develop algorithms enabling the determination of the baselines between the telescope reference points with an accuracy of at least 5 µm from the measurements of the distance measurement sensors.

IRASSI2_Aufgabenstellung.png IRASSI2_Design Satellit.png

The institute is responsible for the development of these algorithms and the setup of a test area to validate them.


  • Baseline accuracy of at least 5µm
  • Real-time capability of the algorithms
  • Detection of outliers
  • Setup of an testing area to validate the algorithms


Contact: Mathias Philips-Blum
Funded by: German Aerospace Center (DLR)