Teilprojekt Fiction Meets Science II: Pandemic Meets Fiction

31 März 2021

Prof. Sina Farzin, Professorin für Allgemeine Soziologie und Soziologische Theorie , hat bei der Volkswagen Stiftung das Teilprojekt "Fiction Meets Science II: Pandemic Meets Fiction" erfolgreich eingeworben.

Laufzeit: 01.04.2021 bis 31.03.2022
Förderer: Volkswagen Stiftung - Corona Crisis and Beyond – Perspectives for Science, Scholarship and Society

Koordinator: Universität Oldenburg

The additional module planned in the context of the FMS2 project will focus on cultural engagements with the COVID-19 outbreak in different media, which both react to and (co-) produce the current situation of (perceived) crisis. The emergence and proliferation of these forms of engagement, understood as popular forms of science communication, offer the unique opportunity to study science narratives ‘in the making’. The additional module, which will draw on findings of FMS/FMS2, will add substantially to the overall context of the interdisciplinary cooperation of FMS, broadening the scope of the ongoing research by including social media, and significantly deepening our understanding of the complex and mutually constitutive relationship between science and social dynamics, brought into focus by the current pandemic.

Bild: © iStockphoto / da-kuk