Projekt B-Prepared: Die Bevölkerung Katastrophen vorbereiten

5 Januar 2024

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jane Jean Kiam, Juniorprofessur für Angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz für dynamische Systeme und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schulte, Professur für Flugmechanik und Flugführung, am Institut für Flugsysteme, Fakultät für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik haben das Projekt „Building Preparedness with Collaborative Knowledge Platform, Gamification and Serious Game in Virtual Reality (B-Prepared)“ im Rahmen von Horizon Europe bei der Europäischen Kommission eingeworben.

Laufzeit: 01.08.2023 bis 31.07.2026
Förderung: HE-CL 3: Civil Security for Science - Europäischen Kommission

B-prepared aims to create a collaboration and co-creation ecosystem for enhancing citizen preparedness for disasters and crises via serious gaming, gamified e-learning, and knowledge sharing. It consists of the core platform Disastropedia, a knowledge base of disasters and crises, and repository of relevant game development resources. Game and Learning Management System developers can connect their system to Disastropedia through an API and use it to build their own games. Users can collaborate by co-creating new content, or contributing toexisting B-prepared games and, applications or learning content by building mods, maps, missions, or assets. Three demonstrator applications will be available as an open beta to validate the platform’s capabilities. VR headset owners can play the serious game “VR-prepared” in Virtual Reality in single- or multiplayer mode to learn what to do during disasters and crises. Smartphone users can download the “IM-prepared” gamified mobile application on their smartphone to access location-based preparedness content. Anyone with an internet connection will have access to the responsive (web, mobile and VR compatible) “RU-prepared” Learning Management System (LMS). All demonstrators will also address vulnerable groups with special accessibility functions and scenarios, while the collaborative platform enables the creation of additional tailored content for people with specific functional needs. It will result in a citizen-centred disaster preparedness enhancement, focusing on empowering people to prepare, prevent and react, thus enhancing their quality of life.

Bild: © gettyimages/witsarut sakorn