The term "New Space" describes the commercialization of space travel and its increasing dovetailing with the
traditional economy. More and more companies from numerous industries are using data generated by satellites for
very different application areas such as smart farming, logistics, Industry 4.0, infrastructure monitoring or
autonomous driving.
New Space has long ceased to be a niche market: 76 percent of New Space companies already have customers from the
non-space sector - and the trend is rising. Start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large system integrators
are all active in the sector. Competition between private players is generating innovations that are lowering the
barriers to entry into space. New Space is thus creating the conditions for new applications and data-based business
models. This makes private space part of the solution to climate change and more sustainability on Earth.


Space and space research has always been an important field of research at our university. Initiatives such as the
SPACE Research Center are already well established. We, at founders@unibw are active in this field and have various
offers and programs with the focus on space.




SpaceFounders is a unique 3-month accelerator program for mid-stage startups in the area of space. Within the
program, we bring together space experts, industry leaders and scale-up entrepreneurs to support selected startups in
boosting their companies through on-site workshop weeks, networking events, impulse sessions, and mentoring.
By offering this space accelerator, SpaceFounders contributes to transforming Europe into a strong technology
location, while actively shaping the space industry.
Application and program information:

UniBW and ESA BIC Bavaria

The UniBw M is network parter of the ESA Business Incubation Center Bavaria (ESA BIC). The incubation program
provides a comprehensive support package from financing, mentoring to research and development – all the way
through to market entry for early-stage startups. The program is designated for pioneering companies with disruptive
products and digital businesses in areas like Robotics, MedTech, Mobility, Automotive, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence
and tons more. UniBw M is partner of the program, which means that we provide interested startups resources from
our university, such as e.g. co-working spaces, strategic advice and access to our network.
More information and application for the program:


The SeRANIS x founders "Hitchhiker's Guide to Orbit" challenge is a competition for innovative space visionaries who
want to test new technologies on our joint small satellite mission planned for 2025 and also demonstrate them to the
German Armed Forces. The challenge is currently already in full swing and aimed at visionary startups, founders and
entrepreneurial research initiatives that would like to test their technology with or on our satellite and come from
fields, such as navigation, earth observation or communication. founders@unibw is co-hosting the challenge together
with the SeRANIS team. (