If you are a researcher in the final stages of your PhD or post-doc at UniBw M and have a specific business idea but lack the time or are in a part-time position where you can't accommodate everything, we offer all doctoral candidates, researchers, and scientific staff at UniBw M towards the end of their project, dissertation, or qualification the opportunity to consider entrepreneurship as a potential transfer.


How does it work?

We offer an individual Founders-in-Residence scholarship (transfer scholarship) to identify and evaluate specific spin-off ideas - and the best part is: we'll increase your employment to 100%, so you can fully concentrate on your spin-off.


For whom?

Researchers in the final stages of their PhDs and post-docs at UniBw M with a concrete business idea.


Applications are accepted at any time.



All departments are welcome


Funding amount:

To be individually agreed upon



Typically 1-3 months