We offer a diverse range of workshops, trainings and coaching focussing on entrepreneurship and related areas. Our interactive workshops and trainings cover everything from the basics of entrepreneurship to writing a business plan, building prototypes, marketing or product development. Additionally, we offer individualised coaching to help you develop your business ideas and strategic planning. We offer most of our training and coaching on-demand for start-up teams, but also for all UniBw M employees. Just get in touch with us!


For whom?

All members of the university, start-ups in our programmes


Individual dates on request; current dates: event calendar


Here is a selection of our workshops, trainings & coachings:





Agile Project management


Understanding of agile vs. waterfall project management, basics of "Agile" (concepts, teams, methods). Introduction to Scrum, use of web tools (Miro) to organise and manage agile projects. (Duration 2-3 hours)

Design Thinking for beginners: The foundation


This workshop, entitled "Foundations of Design Thinking", introduces participants to the fundamental concepts and processes of design thinking. It is aimed at beginners and provides a structured approach to innovative problem solving that focuses on understanding user needs, developing solution ideas and creating prototypes. Participants will learn how to apply these principles to tackle complex challenges in a variety of contexts. The session includes hands-on activities that guide participants through each stage of the design thinking process, from empathy to testing. By the end, participants will have a clear understanding of how to use design thinking to creatively tackle problems and develop effective, user-centred solutions. (Duration 0.5-3 hours)

Marketing Essentials for Non-Marketers: Simplifying Sales and Strategy


This talk, "Marketing Essentials for Non-Marketers: Simplifying Sales and Strategy" is designed to demystify the marketing process for people who have no experience in this area. It will explain the basics of marketing, sales funnels and content strategies in an accessible and straightforward manner. Participants will learn how to identify their target audience, create compelling messages and utilise simple but effective tools to reach potential customers. The focus of the event is on practical skills and strategies that can be implemented immediately, regardless of the participants' marketing knowledge. Through interactive exercises and real-life examples, participants will gain the confidence to apply marketing principles to increase the visibility and appeal of their product or service, ultimately increasing sales and growth.

Pitch Skills


Tips for effective slides, stage presence, common mistakes and making a connection with the audience. (Duration 45 minutes - 1 hour)