In addition to our practice-oriented offerings for founders and those interested in entrepreneurship, we also establish the scientific foundations for our services through our own research. We address a wide range of research interests, from the creation of new businesses to the promotion of innovation within established organizations. We also research new technology for practical applications.

In addition to conducting our own research projects, at founders@unibw, we also supervise bachelor's and master's theses in this exciting field. Our approach is to give students the opportunity to actively engage with current issues and to benefit from close supervision and access to our extensive network.


Selected current research projects:

Empowerment in the Navy

Scientific support for the research project "Empowerment of the Navy" in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg). The goal of the study is to uncover drivers and obstacles of organizational empowerment and to derive recommendations for action for the Navy based on these findings.

Intrapreneurship Concepts in Public Sector Organizations

Intrapreneurship, or entrepreneurship within existing organizations, describes the construct of entrepreneurial thinking and acting by employees of an organization. This can positively influence a company's output. Previous research has focused on private-sector companies. The construct and its applicability will be examined in public sector organizations.
Blockchain & EEE Components The relevance and benefits of using blockchain technology for the qualification and use of EEE components for space missions from non-space-specific industries (such as the automotive industry) are considered. This project aims to provide results in the form of application-oriented basic research for a holistic perspective.