Our focus in the Web3 domain lies in the secure and trustworthy development of cutting-edge digital and autonomous information and communication infrastructure, as well as value chains for universities, government entities, agencies, businesses, and startups. Technologically, the Web3 focus area is based on research, development, solutions, applications, and startups leveraging blockchain technology and relevant interface technologies such as AI and IoT applications.

With our own Web3 Sandbox, we provide a testing environment on-site at UniBw Munich for experiencing Web3 applications. The Web3 Sandbox is used particularly for actively experiencing and practically testing Web3 use cases. Participants can learn how Web3 nodes and mining/staking work, how to install and use wallets (in a secure environment), how to create tokens and NFTs, the role of smart contracts, and how to write them efficiently and effectively for targeted use.


For whom?

All university members and startups in our programs.