You have a concrete idea for a product or service, or you want to exploit innovative developments as a scientific or administrative staff member through spin-offs? We provide advice and coaching on all important aspects related to transfer, entrepreneurship, and startup at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.


For whom?

Those interested in starting a business, alumni, startups



Anytime upon request


FAQ: Whom do we support?

Basically, any staff member at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, regardless of discipline or field, whether a scientific staff member, professor, or administrative staff member.


I am a student/soldier, is it possible for me to start a business?

Yes, as a student, you also have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship topics and participate in programs. On one hand, we offer various modules as part of the curriculum, and on the other hand, even as a soldier, you can start a business as long as it does not affect your actual duties in the Bundeswehr.


I don't have a concrete idea yet, but I want to learn about transfer and entrepreneurship - where is the best place to do that?

No problem! You can simply inform yourself about our topics - whether it's workshops, online events, or our startup meetup. Everyone is welcome and invited to exchange ideas with us. Often, the spark of inspiration comes during discussions with like-minded individuals - so just sign up for our events!


I already have a concrete idea, but I don't know what to do next - who do I contact?

It's best to schedule an appointment with one of our startup advisors right away. They are your first point of contact and will determine the next steps together with you, and if necessary, refer you to colleagues from the team.


Can scientists be entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! While starting a business may not necessarily fit into the typical role of a scientist at first glance, transferring your own research results into a company can indeed be a career path. Moreover, you contribute to boosting the economy along the way.