We offer UniBw M students at various faculties a range of elective modules as part of their degree programme. The focus is on entrepreneurial thinking and action, intrapreneurship, innovation and the necessary soft skills. Below you will find an excerpt of our modules:





Innovation, Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship


The WPM deals with innovation and entrepreneurship outside and within the Bundeswehr (intrapreneurship). Common theories, methods and tools of entrepreneurship and innovation are taught in the WPM, but the focus is on the application of methods in a trimester project in teams.


As part of the WPM, students develop their own "start-up" from the very beginning, starting with recognising an opportunity for improvement, creating innovative solutions and prototypes, testing their ideas and presenting them to a jury. All steps of this "Entrepreneurial Journey" are accompanied and supported by targeted coaching.

Innovative communication in the non-profit sector


This module offers students the opportunity to understand and analyze the challenges and opportunities of communication and membership recruitment in non-profit organizations. It combines theoretical concepts with practical case studies, e.g. in cooperation with organizations such as the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. Students will examine various aspects such as social media strategies, target group analysis, volunteer engagement and innovative technologies in the context of non-profit organizations and acquire practical skills in organizational communication and non-profit marketing.

Defending Democracy: Design and War 


The WPM deals with the analysis, discussion, development and design of innovations within the Bundeswehr (intrapreneurship). Practical design methods, design thinking processes and expertise are taught in the WPM and used to develop ideas in a workshop format. Theories, methods and practice flow together in team projects. Students work in teams to develop their own new approaches to designing tactics, weapons and defence equipment (hardware and software).


Innovative communication will be closed for next year.