Third National Symposium on Space Safety hosted at UniBw M

12 November 2021

The 3rd National Symposium on Space Safety was held In November at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich in compliance with current coronavirus policies. The topic of the event was current developments and safety-relevant aspects of space utilization.

Participants came from the Bundeswehr, ministries, authorities, industry and research and spent three days exchanging views on security mechanisms to be established on a nationwide or supranational basis and discussing, among other things, technically oriented topics for the future. The main topics were security mechanisms, space traffic management, space as a resource: economic and operational space, as well as "new space" and current research priorities.

In addition to the discussion panels, current research topics of RC SPACE were also presented, such as the SeRANIS project funded by, whose goal is to launch its own satellite, on which a total of twelve experiments will be placed, into space in 2025.

The event was organized by the SPACE Research Center and the Bundeswehr Educational Center.

The complete news release on the symposium can be found here (only available in German) >

Lead image: RC SPACE members Prof. Andreas Knopp, Prof. Roger Förstner and Prof. Thomas Pany (© Universität der Bundeswehr München/Siebold)