The Two Roles of the SPACE Research Center

The goal of the SPACE Research Center is to bring together experts from different disciplines, to create outstanding projects in order to jointly strengthen the role of Munich in the space domain, and to increase the visibility of our excellent research activities on campus.

The SPACE Research Center has two roles. Our first role is that of a research center. As such, we want to share and expand as appropriate the expertise and research facilities available at the university and to integrate these assets into current and future research activities. We work to create joint research projects that benefit from the unique expertise of each of our cooperation partners.

Our second role is that of a competence center. We draw on the expertise and knowledge of our members not only in our research but also in teaching and educating our young researchers. Our members are experts who contribute to national and international committees, including German, Bavarian and Bundeswehr working groups and a variety of EU and ESA expert committees. We also share our expertise in SPACE matters with the media and, in doing so, play an important role as a link between the scientific community and the general public.


Research at SPACE

Here at UniBw M, we have access to some of Europe’s best facilities and expertise in the aerospace sector and in space communications. A group of researchers from these disciplines has joined together to establish the SPACE Research Center (promotional film).