Kick-Off SATCOMBw 3 Consulting

10 November 2022

The Institute of Information Technology is the main consultant for research and development under a consulting contract with the BAAINBw.

Hosted by the Institute for Information Technology, a group of about 20 experts in satellite communications have kicked-off a unique consulting contracted with the Bundeswehr's procurement office BAAINBw. In the frame of this contract, the institute teams with the companies KMPG, DIRACON, ACTRANS and Audens to provide guidelines for the technical outline, specification, and procurement of the next generation of military communication satellites. The contract has a duration of about seven years and will, therefore, shape the landscape of German military SATCOM for the next decade and beyond. The staff of the Institute of Information Technology is proud of being selected as the principial R&D consultant for this lighthouse project. 

Image: © gettyimages/gorodenkoff