"NeSC – New Space Communications"

5 December 2023

Recently, the new position paper "NeSC – New Space Communications" has been published by the VDE ITG. In this publication, the experts show the characteristics and technical boundary conditions of New Space Communications (NeSC) systems, describe current system solutions and market participants, opportunities and challenges of the NeSC concepts, and finally give recommendations for action for research, development and implementation of NeSC systems.

As part of the currently growing commercial New Space sector, new communication systems are being developed – so-called "Non-Terrestrial Networks" (NTN), which are increasingly based on NeSC system approaches. These are intended to complement the existing terrestrial mobile and wired networks for voice, video and data communication, thus enabling global availability. The combination of terrestrial and satellite-based systems will significantly increase the reliability and spatial availability of communication systems overall.

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We are very proud that Andreas Knopp, Marcus Thomas Knopp, Simon Heine and Kevin Li were part of the team of experts involved in the development of the position paper.

More information on the paper can be found on the VDE website (currently unfortunately only available in German).

Lead image: ©AdobeStock/sdecoret