First study on Responsive Space completed

19 February 2024

The first study "Responsive Space Capabilities of the Bundeswehr (RSCBw)" has been successfully completed with the handover of the final report to the Bundeswehr Planning Office.

Responsive space is becoming increasingly important with the ever greater reliance of services on space infrastructure and, particularly in the context of the global political tension and threat situation, is consequently occupying decision-makers in politics and the Bundeswehr.

In the one-year so-called non-technical study, the foundations for the conception and development of Responsive Space capabilities in the Bundeswehr were developed. In cooperation with the consulting firm Strategy&, our experts from the Space Research Center (FZ SPACE) at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich contributed their broad and in-depth knowledge of all space disciplines. The experience gained by our experts in the project "Seamless Radio Access Network for Internet of Space (SeRANIS)" is a particular added value. 
The SeRANIS small satellite mission pursues an innovative approach to accelerating space processes and is therefore considered a flagship project with regard to the rapid in-orbit delivery of space assets. The experience gained is already paving the way for the future development of the Responsive Space capability. With great interest on the part of the Bundeswehr's users and users of space infrastructure and with the attention of the Federal Ministry of Defense, clear recommendations for action were formulated at the end of the study, thus laying the foundation for the development of a Responsive Space capability for the Bundeswehr.

We are looking forward to supporting the Bundeswehr in a possible next phase, which could then deal with the implementation of a demonstrator.

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