„Einsatzorganisationen – Erfolgreiches Handeln in Hochrisikosituationen“

21 Januar 2020

"Einsatzorganisationen - Erfolgreiches Handeln in Hochrisikosituationen" is the title of the new anthology published by Springer Gabler and edited by Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Kern together with Dr. Gregor Richter, Dr. Johannes C. Müller and Dr. Fritz-Helge Voss.

Operational organizations represent a special form of organization due to their structural characteristics. The anthology deals with this topic in a multi-perspective manner by illustrating the overriding characteristics of civil and military operational organizations with scientifically sound contributions. In addition, answers to a wide range of questions with which operational organizations are confronted are given on the basis of descriptive practical contributions. The target group of the volume includes lecturers and students of economics, organizational and administrative sciences as well as members of operational organizations.

The following authors from the Faculty of Economics and Organizational Sciences have contributed interesting articles on various topics to the new publication:                                                               

Prof. Dr. Michael Eßig, Dr. Andreas H. Glas and Dr. Christian von Deimling:

Procurement for emergency organizations

University Professor Dr. Thomas Hartung:

Risk Identification in Operational Organizations within the Risk Management Process

Jana M. Holling:

Understanding the organizational reliability of emergency organizations

Professor Dr. Eva-Maria Kern:

How do emergency organizations function? A frame of reference

Dr. Johannes C. Müller:

On the relevance of knowledge as a resource for operational organizations. A conceptual frame of reference

Prof. Dr. Rafaela Kraus and Dennis Degen from the Faculty of Business Administration (HAW) participated with their contribution "Armed Forces Specific Command Systems in Multinational Units". From the university administration, Chancellor Siegfried Rapp also contributed to the success of the anthology with his contribution "Possibilities and limits for the introduction of part-time work in the armed forces".

In addition, the editors address with their introductory contribution the access to the special type of organization "operational organization" and finally develop fields of action as well as challenges for research and practice. The online version is available here with Springer license. The anthology will be available as hardcover from mid-February 2020.