Integrated departure and surface traffic operations

1 July 2023

Designing a Framework of Integrated AircraftDeparture and Surface Traffic Operation via Queuing Network Models
E Itoh, M Schultz. Fifteenth USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar 2023

A model-based framework is proposed for designing air traffic management systems. The framework enables the control of dynamic arrival and departure flows while balancing the capacity and demand of air traffic. Furthermore, the proposed framework allows for the implementation of operational rules and constraints in the system design. Time-varying queuing network models are introduced to provide an integrated airport departure and surface management. By applying the proposed models, it is demonstrated how aircraft departure metering can reduce both airport surface congestion and departure queuing at a runway threshold while utilizing maximum runway throughput. Future extensions of the proposed framework include applications for supporting collaborative decision-making and operations between ATM stakeholders.