student project

25 January 2024

An air traffic simulation is being developed at the Chair of Air Traffic Concepts. This requires the modeling of realistic flight trajectories. The project aims to extend the simulation environment by integrating the open source flight performance model OpenAP. OpenAP generates flight data based on predefined waypoints and operational boundary conditions (e.g. wind fields). The main challenge lies in the heterogeneous programming languages (OpenAP - Python, Simulator - Java). The efficient integration of communication (RabbitMQ) and data storage technologies (MySQL) should also support the modular structure of the simulator.


  1. In the air traffic simulation, the update of a trajectory is requested and this request is forwarded to the massage broker.
  2. The OpenAP module recognizes this request, derives the corresponding computation job and retrieves the necessary data from the database.
  3. The newly calculated trajectory is stored in the database and the simulator is informed via the message broker.
  4. The simulator retrieves the generated trajectory and makes it available to the user.

A comparison of real and computed trajectories (EDDF - WSSS) showed good agreement in principle. This means that the air traffic simulation can be successfully used in the research projects on moving sectors.

The project is part of the research area Air Traffic Management at the Chair of Air Traffic Concepts and was successfully finished on 25.01.24.

Supervisor: Simon B. Göppel