We at the Universität der Bundeswehr, Neubiberg have been extensively working on performing RTK positioning with the Smartphone raw measurements. In order to compensate for the multipath effects from the ground reflection and destruct the reflected waves traveling parallel to the ground plane, which is somehow a major degradation factor in smartphone positioning. We performed an out-of-the-box experiment by performing different sets of experiments with the smartphone. A few of them are listed below.

Experiments list


Activity 1

Achieve the multipath mitigation using the choke ring platform in Dynamic Scenario

Activity 2

Analysis of the influence of Multipath Mitigation on the RTK positioning accuracy using GNSS raw Measurement from Smartphone and Analysis of the effect of using choke ring platform.

Activity 3

Stochastic modeling of the built-in Xiaomi Mi8 IMU by applying the Allan variance technique and the autocorrelation

Activity 4

Determination of the Antenna Phase Center (APC) of the Xiaomi Mi8 smartphone

Activity 5

RTK fusion of the built-in Xiaomi Mi8 GNSS and IMU observation

Activity 6

Preliminary Analysis of Smartphone GNSS Raw Measurement

Activity 7

Zero baseline retransmission setup


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