Activity II

Objective: Analyze the influence of Multipath Mitigation on the RTK positioning accuracy using GNSS raw Measurement from smartphones and Analyze the effect of using choke ring platform.

Measurement Setup: The smartphone was fixed on the choke ring platform. The choke ring platform was then placed on the geodetic pillar whose location coordinates are known up to mm level accuracy. The reference station using Trimble R10.

                    act2_smartphone1.png    act2_smartphone2.png

Processing tools

Data logging

Geo ++


Xiaomi MI8

Software receiver


Reference station

Trimble R10



Skypot without Choke ring (left) with choke ring (right)


Positioning accuracy without Choke ring (left) with choke ring (right)

Position accuracy with the MI8 smartphone kept on the choke ring platform shows a mean position error of 0.041 m, 0.0324 m, and 0.0348 m in x, y, and z respectively.

Log files: Available HERE


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