With our new focus area Web3, we set a focus in the area of secure and building the latest digital and

autonomous information and communication infrastructure and value chains for universities, the state,

public authorities, enterprises and startups.

Technologically, the Web3 focus area is based on research, development, solutions, applications and startups

based on blockchain technology and associated relevant Interface technologies such as AI and IoT applications.




Web3 activities include think tanks/sandboxes for hands-on testing of Web3 Technology and corresponding

use cases, education and research programs, (crypto) hackathons, events, BrownBags, QuickDips & webinars,

as well as incubation and acceleration programs.

Web3 Sandbox

With our own Web3 Sandbox, we provide a test environment for experiencing Web3 applications on site at the UniBw Munich. The Web3 sandbox is used in particular to experience Web3 use cases actively and in real life and to test them concretely in practice. Among other things, participants can learn how Web3 nodes and mining/staking work, how wallets can be installed and used in a secure environment, how tokens and NFTs can be created, what role smart contracts play and how they can be written for efficient and targeted use.

Incubation and Acceleration

Startups related to or using Web3 technology are always welcome to participate in our existing incubation and acceleration programs. In the near future, we will also offer Web3 specific programs.

CryptoBavarians Hackathon

As part of Cryptofounders, we regularly offer Cryptobavarians Hackathons. The hackathons aim to test, analyze and further develop Web3-based projects, use cases and business models together, live on site.

Web3 education

All of our Web3 activities and offerings are complemented by structured educational opportunities through guest lectures, full-semester seminars, workshops and the possibility of direct personal knowledge exchange.

BrownBags and QuickDips

To promote exchange and further discussion of current trends, developments, and research findings in Web3, we regularly offer Web3-related BrownBags, QuickDips, and webinars.

Web3 events

To multiply knowledge sharing in the ecosystem and expand networks, we also regularly hosts events and happenings. In addition to our Cryptobavarians Hackathons, pitch sessions for web3 startups, BrownBags, QuickDips and other workshops & webinars, we host a public web3 conference every year.