At founders@unibw, we want all members of the Universität der Bundeswehr München to have the opportunity to enter the world

of entrepreneurship and innovation. That is why we are constantly developing our Entrepreneurship education program.

We offer a variety of programs for everyone, so that you can familiarize yourself with the topics of entrepreneurship,

intrapreneurship and innovation, broaden your horizons and improve your skills as a person who thinks and acts



What do we offer?

Are you researching promising technologies, processes or topics, but have not decided what to do after finishing your research?

The transfer of your results into the foundation of your own company can be a possibility! We offer different workshops and

seminars to support you for this purpose.


Workshops and trainings are practical events, in which a small group intensively deals with a certain topic. Participants learn the

theory of new methods and tools and have the opportunity to immediately apply what they have learned. Workshops last 4 to 6

hours and can be conducted online or on-site.


Webinars are virtual lectures on a specific topic. Participants get an overview of new methods and tools in a short time. They last

one hour and always take place online.


Who can participate?

Our periodic workshops, trainings and webinars are open to everyone. Participants can be scientific employees at the UniBw and

HSU, alumni, externals, students and founders.

We also offer specialized workshops and trainings for research teams, research institutes and faculties at the UniBw M. In this

case, limited participants are allocated by the coordinator.


How to participate?


Go to our event page, check out the upcoming events and register yourself!

Link: events

Additionally, we organize workshops and trainings for specific target groups.

If you would like an event for your team, faculty or the research center, please contact Filipa Munoz Peterson to book a workshop

on a specific topic.


You don't find what you need? - No problem!

We have more expertise in our team and we are happy to create personalized workshops, trainings and webinars for UniBw M.

Here you can find the expertise and topics we accompany at UniBw:

Link: Expertise

Get in touch with our contact person to create a new workshop or talk.



We offer the following workshops:

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an approach to transform complex and ambiguously defined problems into innovative ideas.

Participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to practically apply the theoretical principles of design thinking by means

of a case study.


Agile Methods and Agile Project Management

Training on the agile methods of the digital world: Design Thinking, Business Modeling, Lean Startup and Scrum.

You will learn on how and where to apply these methods and how to lead a team or a project using agile methods.


Pitching & Presentations Skills

Do you have a good idea but people do not seem to be impressed with your presentation?

Pitch techniques and storytelling are very important for any kind of presentation. With a good story, you can convince anyone!  


More from our partners:

Workshops and seminars for PhDs and postdocs


Young Entrepreneurs in Science supports interdisciplinary researchers in Germany to advance their projects and research results.

In various workshops and seminars, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to transfer your research into a business idea

or even into your own company.

The Young Entrepreneurs in Science offer is constantly being developed: