You are right with us, if

  • You have developed an idea or a technology, but do not know exactly how to make it a scalable business venture.
  • you have made your first thoughts about your business model.
  • You are willing to work intensively on your idea for 10 weeks (attendance required at Bootcamp, Midterm & Demo Day)
  • Your idea fits our university motto, because this is where we can best support you with mentoring tailored to your needs. This includes fields such as mobility, aerospace, defense and public, and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing (3D printing), robotics, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Social entrepreneurs are also welcome. It is irrelevant whether the company has already been spun off or not.


This is what we offer you:

  • Access to innovative personalities and fascinating technical innovations
  • Early access to disruptive technologies and business models relevant to your industry
  • Attractive partnerships with technology start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs
  • Informal exchange about successful cooperation with start-ups with other players in your industry
  • Incubate your own intrapreneur teams: evaluate your employees' ideas and validate business models
  • Active participation and visibility in the ecosystem of Munich technology start-ups


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