Quick Dips are short webinars to learn the newest and the most interesting methods and tools of the world in a
dynamic way at a short time. The webinar comprises of topics such as Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Agile
Project Management and Entrepreneurial Skills.
Participants can enhance their personal and professional skills and share knowledge and experience with the 
community inside and outside Bundeswehr University.


Who can participate?

Scientific employees of Bundeswehr University Munich and HSU, students, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and alumni.


When and for how long?

Quick Dips takes place once per month at 2:00 p.m. for one hour.


In which language?

German and English


Where can I find the next dates of Quick Dips?

The webinars are posted on our events page: https://www.unibw.de/entrepreneurship/events


Want to host a webinar?

We are always looking for new speakers for our Quick Dips webinars! If you have a topic that would be of interest to
our Community, please contact us anytime.