Publicpreneurship describes entrepreneurial activities in the public sphere. The publicpreneurship events aim to facilitate market

access for German startups and thus provide the state with better access to innovative technologies, products, and services,

thereby increasing the state’s success.


How can we support you?


founders@unibw connects business, politics, and science experts with the start-up ecosystem so that the state can act more

entrepreneurially. The initiative goes beyond the mere networking of the administration, startups, and inc. It includes the

possibilities of entrepreneurship within government agencies and the military in the context of intrapreneurship and impetus for

modern ways of working in the administration.


How can we balance the best of both worlds?


To ensure Germany's future viability and competitiveness, the administration must become more solution-oriented, cooperative,

and open-minded. This requires different protocols, structures, processes and competencies.



Past activities:

The first PUBLICPRENEURSHIP DAY 2022 focused on finding connections between technological optimism and inventiveness.

Together with selected and renowned experts from the government, representatives from business and industry, science and

start-ups, founders@unibw explored certain questions. The discussions showed how the state and defence could benefit from

cooperation with young companies, explored what currently makes market access difficult for German start-ups and how the state

can gain better access to innovative technologies, products and services.


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