Defence Innovation Pitch Day is an annual 1.5 day conference for the authorities and representatives from politics, the
Bundeswehr, government and start-ups.


Considering the rapid development of disruptive technologies, the numerous requirements of the Bundeswehr and the
current challenges of the security and defense industry, there is a need for discussion with young and innovative
companies who want to contribute to the security of the Federal Republic of Germany with their security-relevant
business models.
The Goal: The main objective of the Defence Innovation Pitch Day is to provide the participating members of the
Armed forces, the security and defense department, as well as young innovative companies with technologies that
may be tested or applied by the Armed forces in order to enhance future developments.


What happens at the event?

Participants will be given an overview of current and foreseeable technological developments that can contribute to
improving the Bundeswehr's ability to fulfill its mission.
The event will also focus on the exchange of experience between the Bundeswehr, the established security and
defense industry and young companies with security-related technologies. These technologies have a significant
influence on the future development of existing and new systems.


This conference is organized by Bundeswehr University Munich and founders@unibw along with Behördenspiegel
once per year. 


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