Laokoon Security - The Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity

November 13, 2023


Laokoon Security, the winner of the Cybersecurity Digital Hub Bonn Ideas Competition, has developed a new approach to cyber security. We met with the founders Andreas Krüger, Björn Trappe, and Moritz Samrock, all with backgrounds in the Bundeswehr, and discussed their startup story.

The company's journey began in 2016 as a traditional IT security service provider. Over the years, Laokoon's focus shifted to offensive Red Teaming in the Operational Technologies sector. Red Teaming is used by organizations to identify weaknesses in cybersecurity by adopting the perspective of an adversary. A Red Team attempts to penetrate an organization's systems to uncover vulnerabilities and security gaps. This helps the organization strengthen its defense mechanisms and develop better security strategies.



Founders of Laokoon Security GmbH, Photo: Marc John, Bonn.Digital


The 11-member team of Laokoon Security aims to enhance the cybersecurity of organizations. Samrock, a naval officer, describes the startup's new approach, ATTACKXP, with an analogy to fire drills conducted regularly by fire departments aboard ships. A smoke machine is placed in a room, and while the fire isn't "real," the practiced procedures are exactly the same as in a real fire. Laokoon aims to make the whole process just as realistic, in a blueprint of its own infrastructure, claims Krüger.

The co-founders emphasize that it is possible to implement innovative ideas in the Bundeswehr if one remains persistent. Rigid organizational structures and the way personnel rotate are cited as barriers to innovation. However, overall, the Bundeswehr is seen as an employer open to innovation, thanks to the commitment of many forward-thinking leaders. As former graduates of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Samrock, Trappe, and Krüger were already innovative minds before becoming founders.

Samrock's advice for young officers with innovative ideas is: "Ask many people and seek feedback, but also analyze whether the statements are entirely correct. Through feedback, one grows, and eventually, you just start and do it!"