As an exceptional campus university and research center, the Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBw M) provides

its researchers and partners excellent conditions for research and development, scientific work and is

an important innovation hub for promising ideas, knowledge and technology transfer, in particular for the

promotion of start-ups. It has excellent research facilities and high-tech laboratories directly on campus, a

modern infrastructure which promotes a lively and innovative research culture and numerous opportunities to implement


LabNet is a platform and datalake on which this infrastructure is being digitized to enable, through digital

transformation and lab automation to create the smart lab of the future.


The university's research environment provides an ideal setting for innovative ideas to collaborate with research

and development. The idea that Apple Inc. was essentially founded out of a family garage is one of the most

fascinating developments in the history of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic or appropriate approach for many

founders trying to start businesses in their own specialisation or other domains. Ideas need Innovation, technology and a

makerspace! Here, LabNet provides access to dedicated labs and equipment to help the ideas of founders using cutting-edge

technologies and processes to prototype them.





LabNet provides access to UniBw M's research facilities and labs on one platform, enabling an idea-lab match. Since you have

everything on one platform, you have an overview and everything is transparent, so unnecessary procurement processes are

avoided. With LabNet, they focus entirely on research and are completely digital.




We support researchers and their startup ideas in the development phase. We help those initiatives where at least

one team member is a student*, employee* or alumnus/-a of the Bundeswehr university or is associated with

institutions/partners of the Bundeswehr. LabNet connects start-ups, students, researchers and research institutions.


LabNet helps you to get your idea into shape.

All UniBw M members can log in to LabNet with their ID and VPN connection and start researching.

If your lab and related equipment are not in the portal, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Unterstützung beim Prototyping in unseren Laboren

Unsere Labore - hier das Labor des Instituts für Aeronautical Engineering - stehen nicht nur für praxisnahe Lehre und innovative Forschung, sie unterstützen auch Startups beim Prototyping und bei der Entwicklung technischer Lösungen.

Founders MakerSpace


For many of us, making a product is both a difficult and rewarding process. Though the motivation exists, finding time and

place to tinker can be a hurdle unless you have access to Founders Makerspace!


The goal of Founders Makerspace is to learn, collaborate and share together. Most importantly, Makerspaces give us the

opportunity to explore, create or improve on things we already have.



Join our maker environment!

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