Our vision is an entrepreneurial state that contributes to European technology sovereignty. 





In 2019, founders@unibw was created to establish a start-up culture at UniBw M and provide better support for 
entrepreneurs from the scientific community irrespective of gender, origin or ethnicity. We support all innovators at
UniBw M and beyond, especially those who want to develop market solutions that are important for the state and
fulfil all those governmental tasks that are in the interest of the public and the common good. 
Our mission is to make the state more entrepreneurial through entrepreneurial skills development, spin-offs from
academia and support of a cultural change in state organisation and strengthen Europe's sovereignty and future
viability of Europe in critical technologies. 


"Founders@unibw as a startup network supports us as a young startup in various areas. Especially in complex and interdisciplinary topics such as the preparation of the business plan, there is a close cooperation. Through the network and the contact to various investors, founders@unibw also accompanies and supports us through various presentation formats in the search for capital. In addition, we regularly get the chance to increase our media and public visibility through presentations at events and to present our idea and technology to a broad audience" - Niclas Lehnert, CEO BAVERTIS GmbH




The latest spin-off of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, launches an intelligent imaging system that can
measure the quality of any semi-transparent object such as sperm in a more precise, ecologically sustainable and
cost-effective manner.  



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The team behind plans to develop and distribute intelligent imaging systems and
environments also called as Imaging Systems. As the company's slogan goes:
»The Microscope is broken. We fixed it.«