Do you want to develop your own idea and get ECTS points for it?

Then you are exactly right with us!

We offer students of the UniBw various seminars and courses in which you can develop your competences in
entrepreneurial thinking and acting, at the same time you can collect ECTS points for your study whether you are
studying for your Master's or Bachelor's degree.

What do we offer?

In different faculties we offer elective modules on different topics around intra- and entrepreneurship.
If your faculty does not yet offer elective modules on entrepreneurship, you can participate in a seminar or training
at Studium Plus.


Have you not found what you need? 

We are constantly developing more modules and courses for the faculties at UniBw M.



Studium Plus events:


Seminar Study Plus HT-22 and WT-23

"Startup Weekend - From the idea to the pitch in one weekend".

During this weekend you will get an insight into the world of startups, with everything that goes with it: How do I find a suitable idea? What distinguishes an idea from a business idea? How can I market the idea and get it to the target group? The seminar consists of various plenary sessions, in which you will be taught the most important contents, as well as individual project work in interdisciplinary teams, in which you will directly apply what you have learned.

Lecturer: Dr. Nadine Chochoiek


Training Study Plus HT-22

"New Skills & New Trends"

In this training, participants will learn what New Trends are coming, what organizations of the future will look like, what skills they need to adapt to these changes and how the Entrepreneurial Mindset can help them. They will also have the opportunity to practice these skills in teams through interactive activities.

Lecturer: Filipa Munoz, MSc.


Seminar Study Plus WT-23

"Social / Sustainable Entrepreneurship"

Social Entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship, means to find innovative and long-term solutions to social problems (and to be able to earn money with it) and in this seminar students learn methods and future skills to develop their own socially relevant and financially sustainable ideas.

Lecturer: Filipa Munoz, MSc.


Training Study Plus FT-23

"Intrapreneurial Skills - Startup Methods for a More Innovative Force".

In this training we will work on different startup and agile methods, and evaluate how they might be relevant for future intrapreneurs in the Bundeswehr.

Lecturer: Dr. Nadine Chochoiek



Elective modules at UniBw M:

Innovation, Intra- & Entrepreneurship

Department: ETTI

Lecturer: Filipa Munoz, MSc.

Human Resources Management

Department: Management und Media

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Rafaela Kraus

Product development with agile methods

Department: Management und Media

Lecturer: Anna Zubkova, MSc.

Design Thinking

Department: Management und Media

Lecturer: Christopher Kearney, Dipl. Des. (FH) 

Software project management

Department: Management und Media

Lecturer: Johann Schöpfer, MSc.

Change Management

Department: Management und Media

Lecturer: Filipa Munoz, MSc.



More from our partners:


Online course: Makers of Tomorrow

"Makers of Tomorrow" is an online course for students at German-speaking universities on the topic of entrepreneurship. But this is no ordinary course, it's a real "master class" where students can learn from role models. In the first season, we tell 10 inspiring founder stories. In them, founders from Germany and Silicon Valley talk about their personal experiences, their successes, but just as honestly about failures and mistakes. And they give practical tips for the first steps of a startup.



Summer School July -August 2022: Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (gess)

Students from different disciplines are challenged to develop entrepreneurial solutions to societal challenges. The program includes theoretical inputs as well as practical and interactive methods that make GESS unique: Because GESS is not just another Zoom call - it is an exciting, emotional and unforgettable experience that brings together people from all over the world.

In the virtual program, 50 students from different disciplines will immerse themselves in "Impact Entrepreneurship" and develop sustainable and innovative solutions around the topic of "Planetary Health".