Professor Andreas Knopp at the Naval Postgraduate School

26 March 2020

Professor Andreas Knopp accepted the invitation of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California, and joined the Space Systems Academic Group (SSAG) on February 15, 2020 as a visiting professor for space communication technology. Like the universities of the Bundeswehr in Germany, NPS is a military educational institution and research university and offers master’s and PhD programs for US Navy personnel.

SSAG is an interdepartmental research center that focuses on small satellites and CubeSat technology. The group operates a unique network of ground stations for small satellites in low-earth orbit. With over 20 years of experience in small satellite technology, the group has gained an excellent reputation among the leading institutions involved in this rapidly developing field of technology. As responsive space capabilities are rapidly becoming more important in the militaries of all NATO member states, Germany has recently made considerable efforts to develop expertise and capabilities in research and academic training. Together with the German Aerospace Center, UniBw M has become a second strategic key partner and will push ahead with Germany’s rapid-response space capabilities and serve as a main pillar for academic training in space technology.

In this context, Andreas Knopp, who is one of the chairs of the new SPACE Research Center at the University, is taking advantage of this unique opportunity to work in a leading environment for rapid space projects and successful mission design. He will gain insight into some of the most successful academic space training programs and will present new scientific findings and hold lectures on satellite communication in order to deepen and intensify relations between the two institutions.

Lead image: © iStockphoto/iLexx