Tech Talk: Internet of Things via GEO Satellite Test Result

20 Juli 2021

“The number of attendees from Europe and all over the world exceeded our expectations.” Christian Hofmann said after presenting our latest test results during a TechTalk hosted by ESA this week. The interested audience listened to the perspective of using satellites in the GEO in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) as relays for very small devices without terrestrial connection. This so called “direct access” for e.g. trackers, sensors or other miniaturized transceivers enables novel applications and business models in remote locations.

The Tech Talk has been given by our team member Christian Hofmann and Kai-Uwe Storek, the managing director of NEOSAT GmbH. The focus was on our IoT solution called UCSS, which enables efficient communication for a very large number of devices via satellite and is developed at the Munich Center for Space Communications and NEOSAT. The presented results featured tests using UCSS with four different GEO satellites at different frequency bands between 1.5 and 14.5 GHz and demonstrated the demonstrated the superior performance of our waveform with respect to power efficiency and robustness.

Image: © Universität der Bundeswehr München/C. Hofmann, K.-U. Storek