Webinar on the topic: "Is Corona a Game Changer in Global Politics?"

26 Juni 2020

The Corona pandemic is a challenge facing all countries and all regions of the world.

However, approaches to dealing with the crisis differ significantly.

Moreover, the question of whether and how the world might change after the crisis is over is increasingly being asked?

Dr. Uri Resnick, Director of Policy Planning at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Stephan Stetter, Professor of International Politics and Conflict Studies at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, discuss the Corona pandemic and its implications for international politics and the current global situation.

Can we expect an impact on international cooperation, trade or security relations?

Will a shift from multilateralism to nationalism or vice versa follow?

The lecture took place on 18.06.2020 at the invitation of Dr. Julie Grimmeisen, Academic Director at the Consulate General of Israel in Munich.

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