The RISK Research Center examines the correlations between risk, infrastructure, security and conflict. Through research practice, the following four fields of research have emerged which are at the heart of our scientific work:

Risks and Decisions

- How are decisions made in a state of uncertainty?
- The process of establishing certainty
- Disasters and decision-making in a state of uncertainty
- The logic of excluding alternative decisions

Infrastructure and Security

- Threats to physical infrastructure
- Natural disasters, climate change
- Terrorism
- Vandalism
- Organized crime
- Maritime accidents (collisions, leaks, disruptions)
- Need for new structures and systems
- Public acceptance of new structures and systems

Security and Freedom

- Restriction of individual and collective freedom through the establishment of security
- Complex interrelations between security and freedom
- Security as a state free from unacceptable risks and impairments
- Freedom as a space for autonomous action
- Concept of human security at international level

Conflict and Regulation

- Global impacts of transnational and international conflicts
- Substantial contributions by states and by international, supranational and transnational organizations to conflict resolution
- Humanitarian aid
- Military operations
- CIMIC missions