efficient air traffic control

16 June 2022

How to benchmark Air Navigation Service Providers?

T Standfuß, G Hirte, M Schultz, O Michler. International Transportation Economics Association Conference, 2022

Each European country is characterized by individual geographic, socio-economic or political factors that have a lasting impact on the implementation and operation of the respective air navigation services. Air navigation services consist of several operational levels and corresponding decision-makers. These services are managed at different levels (e.g., Area Control Centers, ACCs) in which there is some decision-making capability with respect to key inputs (e.g., number of air traffic controllers assigned).

In our paper, we focus on the non-parametric approach of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). With this approach, multiple inputs and outputs can be used in parallel and no assumptions about functional relationships or error terms are required. The following research questions are answered for this purpose.

  • How can the economic value chain be modeled for higher-level performance evaluation based on DEA?
  • What variables and parameters should be considered as part of the performance evaluation?
  • How to identify and cope with outliers?
  • Which DEA methodology should be applied in the air navigation services domain?


Link to the publication: How to Benchmark ANSP (ResearchGate).