connected aircraft cabin

8 April 2022

Multipath-Assisted Radio Sensing and State Detection for the Connected Aircraft Cabin.

J Ninnemann, P Schwarzbach, M Schultz, O Michler. Sensors 22 (8), 2859

Efficient and reliable aircraft turnarounds are central features of modern air traffic and key to its future viability. In the digitally connected aircraft cabin, the use of sensors, devices and connected passengers enables comprehensive status and condition recognition within the cabin. In particular, passenger locations can be monitored through location-based communication systems (wireless sensor networks). These multi-purpose communication systems serves as technology to provide a variety of functions, ranging from convenient communication services for passengers to devices for crew members and maintenance planning. In addition, radio-based sensing enables an efficient sensory basis for condition monitoring, such as passive seat occupancy detection. In the context of the networked aircraft cabin, our contribution presents a multipath-assisted radio sensing (MARS) approach that uses the propagation information of transmitted signals provided by the channel impulse response (CIR) of the wireless communication channel.

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