investigation of complexity in moving sectors

18 February 2024

Metrics in Motion: Understanding Complexity in Moving Sectors
S Göppel, M Schultz, E Itoh. International Conference on Research in Air Transportation 2024 (submitted)

Controller workload, which is related to both traffic complexity and airspace design, is one of the major constraints on airspace capacity. The introduction of new operational concepts, such as moving sectors, challenges the existing metrics used to determine complexity. This paper evaluates complexity metrics applied to moving sectors that are derived from simulated free route traffic at the Singapore FIR. To better understand the implications of the metrics, even at this early stage of development, we conducted a simplified survey and asked experts to individually score the complexity of the selected scenarios. The individual assessments and calculated complexity values align well (R= 78%). Thus, we have established the foundation required for testing operational implementations through simulations. Based on the derived complexity metrics, we successfully tested various mitigation scenarios to reduce complexity in specific moving sector scenarios.