bachelor thesis

23 February 2023

An air traffic simulation is being developed at the Chair of Air Traffic Concepts. This requires a determination of the complexity of airspaces. The bachelor thesis entitled 'An analysis of current metrics for airspace operations complexity' aims to find factors and metrics that can be used to calculate airspace complexity and implement them in the simulation environment. For this purpose, complexity factors were first searched in the literature. Then a Python program was written to calculate the complexity factors. In addition, a graphical user interface was developed to visualize the air traffic and the complexity factors. This makes it possible to objectively estimate the complexity of an air traffic control sector for a given traffic situation. The bachelor thesis is part of the research area Air Traffic Management at the Chair of Air Traffic Concepts and was successfully defended on 23.02.2023.
Supervisors: Simon B. Göppel and Seyed M. Khaki