25 April 2023

LiDAR-Based Autonomous Landing on Asteroids: Algorithms, Prototyping and End-to-End Testing with a UAV-Based Satellite Emulator  

A UAV-based emulation system allowing early hardware-in-the-loop testing for Terrain-Relative-Navigation (TRN) and autonomous guidance algorithm development in the context of spacecraft landing on asteroids.

Project: NaKoRa

Conference session: D3 - Space Navigation and Observation

Presentation Slides: Available here

Receiver Clock Estimation for RTK-Grade Multi-GNSS Multi-Frequency Synthetic Aperture Processing (SAP)

Estimation of receiver clock jitter using Cooperative Tracking Loops (Co-Op) realizing Synthetic Aperture Processing (SAP) or "super correlation" demonstrating high accuracy with the use of GNSS RTK solutions.

Project: MSRx

Conference session: B5 - Receiver Design, Signal Processing, and Antenna Technology 1

Presentation Slides: Available here

LTE transmitter states estimation using a combined code and carrier phase observation model

Localization results of a research-oriented Amarisoft LTE base station pertaining to two receiver platforms - a ground vehicle and an airborne Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), using carrier-phase observations.

Project: Firefly

Conference session: C3 - Signals of Opportunity-Based Navigation Systems 1

Presentation Slides: Available here