dtec.bw – Digitalization and Technology Research Center of the Bundeswehr


The dtec.bw is a Bundeswehr-sponsored scientific center and part of the economic initiative of the Federal Government for overcoming the COVID-19-Crisis. It is subject to the principle of academic self-government and it is under the aegis of the Universität der Bundeswehr München. The funds the dtec.bw has been furnished with by the business unit BMVg are spent at both Bundeswehr Universities on sponsoring the research projects and the projects with respect to the transfer of knowledge and technology (in particular for the funding of foundations).

List of the projects with a participation of the Department of Human Sciences that are sponsored by dtec.bw

Digital Leadership & Health – Digitale Führung und Homeoffice (Digital Leadership & Health – Digital Leadership and Home Office)

KISOFT – Optimierung von QDA-Software durch Künstliche Intelligenz (KISOFT - Optimization of QDA-Software by Artificial Intelligence)

KOKO – Konflikte verstehen und Kompetenzen vermitteln (KOKO - Understanding Conflicts and Teaching of Skills)

LIONS – Erhöhung von Resilienz und Digitaler Souveränität (LIONS – Increasing Resilience and Digital Sovereignty)

MEXT – Modular Extended Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

MissionLab – Forschungslabor für Missionstechnologien (MissionLab – Research Laboratory for Mission Technologies)

RISK.twin – Intelligente kritische technische Infrastruktur (RISK.twin – Intelligent Critical Technological Infrastructure)

Smart Health Lab – Forschungslabor für den Bereich E-Health (Smart Health Lab – Research Laboratory for the Research Area E-Health)

Voice of Wisdom – Sicherere, menschzentrierte Technik (Voice of Wisdom – Secure Technology centered upon human beings)