School Internship

29 October 2021

The Usable Security and Privacy group had the opportunity to introduce a student intern to research in the field of human-machine interaction. During his one-week internship in October 2021, Lucas gained insights into the daily routine of the scientific staff and was also able to realize his own small projects. Among other things, he designed his own augmented reality smartphone app and received an introduction to the topic of quantum key distribution as part of the DTEC project MuQuaNet.


In addition, Lucas assisted in the construction of a free-standing door in the BehAVR Lab, which will be used to research the identification of people based on their behavior when using a standard door handle. Since the research group Usable Security and Privacy is particularly interested in promoting young researchers, we were very pleased to be able to mentor Lucas and introduce him to our daily work.


IMG_1082 - Kopie.JPG    IMG_1114.JPG