Introducing the xReality Framework

11 April 2022

Together with Philipp Rauschnabel, Reto Felix, Chris Hinsch and Hamza Shahab we published a framework on XR in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior”.

The paper introduces a revised view on XR, proposing (1) the use of XR not as an abbreviation for “Extended Reality” - rather X should be seen as a placeholder for all new reality formats; and (2) treating AR and VR as distinct experiences due to their fundamentally different characteristics.




At the core of the paper we propose the xReality framework, conceptualizing AR and VR experiences along two continua: AR experiences can be described on a local presence continuum ranging from Assisted to Mixed Reality; and VR can be describes on a telepresence continuum, ranging from atomistic to holistic VR.

The paper is available open source on Science Direct:




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