In the context of the Voice of Wisdom project an environment to study human behavior and physiological responses in security-critical contexts will be designed and developed. Furthermore, novel, secure user interfaces will be designed.

The Voice of Wisdom project explores new approaches to preventing human-centric cyberattacks when interacting with technology in everyday life. At the focus of the project, human behavior and physiological responses in different contexts in which security plays a role are analyzed to identify situations in which people are exposed to a risk. This will allow signs and precursors to behavior implying high risk to be identified. 


For this purpose, the fact that sensors in devices of everyday use, for example keyboard, mouse or smartwatch, allow (subtle) changes in behavior or physiological state to be detected - even if users themselves are not even aware of it - is leveraged. Modern technologies such as thermal imaging cameras, depth cameras and eye trackers further contribute to obtaining an in-depth understanding. The knowledge gained can be used to develop novel security mechanisms for human-technology systems that protect the user through hints and recommendations (for example, pop-ups, messages on a smartwatch, indicators in video conferencing software) or mechanisms running automatically in the background. 



  • Designing and deploying a research environment to observe human behavior and physiological state in security-critical situations
  • Detailed analysis of security-critical situations and their impact on users
  • Development of novel, human-centered security mechanisms
  • Investigating the long-term effects of the developed technologies as well as the user's point of view