The GNSS Testbed of ISTA provides the capability of recording and transmitting signals in the L-Band. The flexibility is very high, so that new GNSS signals and RF interference tests can be carried out with UAVs as a kind of simulated satellites. The GNSS testbed consist of the following equipment:

  • UAVs (DJI drone S1000+) for "simulated" satellites, plus one USRP as transmitter
  • MultiStation  (Leica Nova MS 60) for the precise position of the UAV transmitter
  • RFI test bench: GNSS simulator (IFEN GmbH); VSA for calibration purposes (National Instruments); USRPs and VSG (National Instruments): record and reply function of any signals, pre-computed signals of any simulation tool could be re-transmitted
  • Programmable attenuators (Mini Circuits)
  • 2.4m dish antenna