The measurement campaign of the 22.06.2018.jpgThe GNSS Testbed of ISTA provides the capability of recording and transmitting signals in the L-Band. The flexibility is very high, so that new GNSS signals and RF interference tests can be carried out with UAVs as a kind of simulated satellites. The GNSS testbed consist of the following equipment:

  • UAVs (DJI drone S1000+) for "simulated" satellites, plus one USRP as transmitter
  • MultiStation  (Leica Nova MS 60) for the precise position of the UAV transmitter
  • RFI test bench: GNSS simulator (IFEN GmbH); VSA for calibration purposes (National Instruments); USRPs and VSG (National Instruments): record and reply function of any signals, pre-computed signals of any simulation tool could be re-transmitted
  • Programmable attenuators (Mini Circuits)
  • 2.4m dish antenna
  • White Rabbit system for long distance time synchronization



The White rabbit time synchronisation.jpg

White rabbit time synchronisation

Edit_The Multisation MS60 recording the trajectory of the UAV.jpg

Multisation MS60 recording the trajectory of the UAV

 UAVlite in the air.jpg

UAVlite in the air

 UAV payload. PC, SDR, prisma and antenna.jpg

UAV payload. PC, SDR, prisma and antenna