ISTA introduces database to help research community..

15 Juni 2020

Have doubts about your smartphone GNSS capabilities? Want to know how good is your smartphone GNSS raw data and sensors quality for your planned Android Applications? Or confused with measurement setup idea for performing RTK solution with a smartphone?


We are happy to announce our open-access database that includes all information linked to the RAMBO - “ Real-Time  RTK aMobiltelefon” project. ISTA-databank is the one-stop solution to all the smartphone-related GNSS question such as:

  1. Feature overview of ISTA Logger - First Android Application to log GNSS \ IMU data
  2. Smartphone specific approx. GNSS antenna phase center determination
  3. Embedded sensor information needed for the calibration process
  4. Datalog with different setup and smartphones to re-create scenarios
  5. List of Publications to provide researchers with In-depth information

We hope that this contribution can help other research groups to get a head start and speed up their development to come up with innovative ideas and improvements in the field of Smartphone navigation.

The research work was done under the project RAMBO - "Real-Time Kinematic" - positioning on mobile phones (FKZ: 50NA1720) funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and managed by German Aerospace Agency (DLR).

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