Das Seminar findet um 10:00 Uhr im Gebäude 35 Raum 1707 statt.

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Termin Vortragender Titel
30.03.2020 M.Hülsmann AI at ISTA: Part I - An overview of artificial intelligence and its applications
06.04.2020 B. Haser AI at ISTA: Part II - Traditional Machine Learning
20.04.2020 M. Hofacker Usage of a commercial multicopter drone as Development and Validation Environment for Autonomous Spacecraft Landing on Small Bodies
27.04.2020 T. Andert The SPICE toolkit
04.05.2020 W. Park Functional safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262
11.05.2020 F. Möller Thermomechanical distortion control - (hopefully) Progress in experimental setup
18.05.2020 L. Balestrero Asteroid Landing Simulation
13.07.2020 G.G. Peytaví Orbit determination from optical range images
20.07.2020 B. Haser AI at ISTA: Part III - Deep Learning