Das Seminar findet um 10:00 Uhr im Gebäude 35 Raum 1707 statt.

Termin Vortragender Titel
20.05.2019 M. Martin Literature Study Results on Worst-Case System Performance Identification
27.05.2019 G. Peytaví Permittivity and cm-Scale Roughness of Aswan's Top Dust Layer from RSI Bistatic Radar Observations
17.06.2019 G. Peytaví Co-registration of Laser Altimetry Point Clouds for Spacecraft Navigation
24.06.2019 W. Park Safety Analysis Methods for autonomous vehicles
11.07.2019 L. Buinhas Formation Reconfiguration Optimization for the IRASSI Space Interferometer
22.07.2019 F. Möller Thermomechanical distortion control - Progress in the experimental setup
 29.07.2019  A. Wander Can computational intelligence techniques enhance mission management of spacecraft?