Multimodal interaction with UAV (Institute of Flight Systems)

researching suitable methodological approaches for intuitive interaction between humans and UAVs during landing improvement of scene understanding and decision making of UAVs through real-time tracking of people, classification of dynamic gestures and semantic segmentation software development on an embedded platform evaluation of novel user interfaces through virtual simulation in the laboratory and during real flight tests

Artificial intelligence for sensor applications on drones (Institute of Flight Systems)

In collaboration with industrial and academic partners, we develop innovative mission technologies for unmanned aerial systems. To this end, we develop and test such technologies in simulation environments and on flying drone systems in an operational environment. This includes, for example • sensor systems for hazard detection and collision avoidance (sense and avoid), • methods for the highly automated use of electro-optical and hyperspectral sensor units for searching, detecting and tracking objects, • methods of artificial intelligence to improve the use of sensors, • approaches for the combined use of different sensor systems (multi-sensor fusion) and the co-operation of several unmanned platforms (teaming, swarming).