The great majority of courses are taught in German language. To attend these courses, German skills at proficiency level are key. UniBw M departments request a German language certificate of at least level B1. For studies at the department of Social Sciences proof of German skills at B2 level are required.

Please provide a valid German language certificate or have the DAAD (= German Academic Exchange Service) Language Certificate completed by a qualified and licenced German language teacher.

If you would like to attend courses in English, an excellent knowledge of English - at least B1 - is indispensable.
A very small number of courses in English language are sometimes offered by a few departments. Please see "Degree Programs and Courses in English".

For completing an internship/traineeship or for writing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis at our university, no German skills are required. Good English skills at a high level (at least B2) are key.